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Shining Star (Walls & Masks)

By Nina Castle, November 2021

Eeek! I'm making myself a little vulnerable here...

I was at a fabulous retreat last month. We were given an assignment to write about how we would be if we were not burdened by the masks and walls of protection that we put upon ourselves. I've had this protection well in place since early childhood. I've learned to remove some layers, but I am not yet at my core; this is something I'm trying to actively improve. So, I wrote this song, which I'll call a poem since I have not yet exactly finalized the melody in some parts... At the last minute, just prior to the retreat ending, I decided that I would share my poem with the fabulous group of ladies. I had hesitated sharing since I did not spend a great deal of time on it, so I was surprised and humbled at how touched everyone seemed, including some who shed tears. It was a great way to wrap up and summarize the weekend.

To be a "shining star" would be the culmination of who we are meant to be

without our masks and layers...

Here is a recitation of my poem.

May your story be used for HIs glory!

Who would I be without these things?

Who would I be without them?

What are these things doing for me?

What would I do without them?

There were times I needed these things—

Times of dark desperation…

I must move on to be the TRUE me—

Shining God’s love and compassion.

For we are made in His image—to be His light.

He is with us always throughout this fight,

As we peel the layers to who we are—

The most glorious of all—a shining star!

How would life be without these stars?

How would night be without them?

Life would go on without their light,

…How dark it’d be without them…

For we are made in His image, to shine His light,

Giving hope to the weary throughout life’s fight,

Learning from our past to help make things right.

(Shame, Fear, Guilt, Worry—we throw you afar!)

No barriers can keep us from who we are—

A brilliant beautiful light meant to be seen—


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